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Hi, I'm Juri 👋

I'm a software engineer, currently working on mobile payments in Africa at Wave.

You can contact me via email, or by messaging me on twitter.


I like to work on physical and digital things. Here are some that have reached at least a minimum notion of finished or polished.

Laser-cut jigsaw puzzles - I wrote a puzzle generator so that I could generate SVGs to cut out with an industrial Laser.

Züri Dësch - A minimalist couch table that has a second use as a bench.

Gulliver - a trip planner with a focus on simplicity and a slick user interface.

Paperboy - a tiny commandline utility to help with your pdf hoarding.

Divorce rate calculator - Prototype tool for calculating divorce outcomes under Swiss law. Built to expose complex rules via a simple UI, and to provide legal documentation to each of the inputs. I re-learned the lesson that your biggest competitor is a spreadsheet.


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